Trust and Probate

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When a loved one dies, it is overwhelming for the family member(s) who undertake administering the deceased person’s estate, regardless of whether the decedent created a living trust, a Will, or no documents at all. I am experienced in both trust administration (where the decedent created a living trust) and in probate administration (where the decedent either created a Will or failed to create any type of testamentary document).

Administration Fees

In the case of trust administration, charges are based on an hourly rate. In uncontested matters, trust administrations encompass procedural tasks as mandated by the California Probate Code and assistance to the successor trustee in complying with his or her fiduciary duties. I provide expert advice and guidance on how to best administer a living trust, accomplishing these tasks and duties. My goal is to always implement the living trust as a cost effective solution, and to remove as much stress as possible from the family during this difficult time. I never indulge in unnecessary tasks; the goal is to guide the client to administer the trust as efficiently as possible.

In the case of Probate administration, attorney’s fees are set by statute as follows on the gross appraised values of the decedent’s assets subject to probate administration:

Therefore, probate administration fees are dictated strictly by statute based on the value of the probate assets themselves.

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