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Estate Planning Services

A comprehensive estate plan involves more than just creating a living trust. A living trust is an important part of an estate plan (see Trust vs. Will), and facilitates the orderly transfer of assets when someone dies. However, what will happen if you become incapacitated or are rendered unconscious for a long period of time? A living trust can’t provide your loved ones the power to speak to medical professionals or financial institutions. What will happen to your minor children if you are deceased? A living trust doesn’t address the issue of who will become the legal guardians of those minor children.

I encourage individuals and families to create a comprehensive estate plan. It is customary for me to meet with potential clients first, allowing my clients and I to “get to know” each other. During our initial meeting, I will ask questions about your assets, family members, and family relationships so I can recommend the best type of estate plan for your particular situation.

The key pieces of a comprehensive estate plan are:

Non-Standard Document Preparation

I also offer other types of advanced and non-standard estate planning documents such as:

Well-Rounded Experience

My litigation experience distinguishes me from most other estate planning attorneys by giving me a unique perspective on how to create estate plans to withstand litigation or argument after the settlor is gone. A poorly drafted estate plan is rife with ambiguity, which makes it susceptible to multiple interpretations and oftentimes leads to arguments in Court.

Estate Planning Fees

I provide a free initial consultation for all estate planning services. During the consultation, I will work with you to learn your particular estate planning needs and family dynamics. This information will allow me to determine the actual cost of creating your estate plan. Estate plans are offered at a flat rate determined on a case-by-case basis. This flat rate includes all meetings and written, phone, and email communications required for the preparation of your documents. There are no hidden fees.

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